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Quality Policy Statement

QAP00A Quality Policy Statement 12/04/2017




QAP000 Quality Manual 12/04/2017
QAP001 Context of the Organisation 01/05/2017
QAP002 Control of Records 01/05/2017
QAP003 Document Control 01/05/2017
QAP004 Human Resources 01/05/2017
QAP005 Local Infrastructure 01/05/2017
QAP006 Measurement Traceability 01/05/2017
QAP007 Enquiries and Contracts 01/05/2017
QAP008 Externally Supplies Products and Services 01/05/2017
QAP009 Goods Inwards Inspection 01/05/2017
QAP010 Inventory 01/05/2017
QAP011 Project Control 01/05/2017
QAP012 Customer Property 01/05/2017
QAP013 Contract Completion 01/05/2017
QAP014 Non Conformance 01/05/2017
QAP015 Internal Audit 01/05/2017
QAP016 Management Review 01/05/2017
QAP017 Corrective Action 01/05/2017
Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Download 

  • The end product was simply outstanding…

    It wasn’t just the insights that impressed me, they had the technical knowledge but described everything in simplistic terms. The end product was simply outstanding.
    Account Director, London 
  • …to say I’m impressed is an understatement.

    Our requirements were anything but simple. GWE excelled in both the approach and the implementation, they had ideas that we didn’t think of and they stuck to all of our requirements, to say I’m impressed is an understatement.

    CEO Fintech Company, London

  • Grant Walker Engineering provided an excellent service

    I was very happy with the work completed by the Grant walker team. From the whole lifecycle of the project, they provided an excellent service in a challenging environment and ensured that the work was finished to a high standard.

    Account Manager at Communications agency


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